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Get the Deed! Take Over Any Property "Subject-To the Existing Financing

Get the Deed! Take Over Any Property "Subject-To the Existing Financing

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How to get rich buying and selling houses, no cash, no credit, no bank loans.

Looking to buy rental properties, no money down?  Buy investment real estate mortgage-free by using Other Peoples’ Mortgages (OPM).  Own properties with none of your own cash, no credit and without getting a mortgage.  This proven step-by-step guide shows you how.  

Get the Deed! Take Over Any Property Subject-To Existing Financing provides updated and timely information on the investing technique of Subject To or Sub2 investing.  Ever wonder how to buy houses without getting a mortgage?  The biggest challenge investors face when buying investment properties is coming up with down payments and having the right FICO score to qualify for a mortgage.  Lenders look for 30% or more when lending on investment properties and for this reason, smaller investors are held back.

Did you know there is a way to buy any real estate without qualifying for a bank loan, getting your credit pulled or coming up with lots of cash?  This investing technique is mostly kept secret by pro investors, they use other people’s mortgages to buy beautiful homes, apartment buildings, commercial properties and even land.  This book will take you through the process and give you a look into the real world of how to purchase real estate using Other People’s Mortgages (OPM).  You’ll see how these deals are done and how to close your deals properly with an attorney, title and escrow. 

If you’re just starting out and want to jumpstart your investing career, look no further.  This book will show you how to go from nothing to owning as many investment properties as you want, all without applying for any loans, coming up with lots of cash or assuming any loans.  It works even if you’re broke and don’t have a job! 

Get the Deed! Take Over Any Property Subject-to Existing Financing is not for the faint in heart, it’s for the elite few who are really ready to build their wealth through real estate and are willing to work hard and put time and effort to make that happen. 

E-Book Length: 96 pages


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